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The Get Smart Web Group teaches workshops to business owners and professionals on web, tech, and digital marketing topics. Our workshops are geared to teach businesses how to use social media, mobile technology, and new technology driven tech tools to market and connect with 

Most classes are at least 2 hours long and include a handout or follow up web tutorials. The Get Smart Web Group teaches ant trains in-person and via the web. Being headquartered in San Diego, California many of the marketing and small business workshops are taught in Southern California.

Speaking Engagements

But please don’t leave here thinking we will not travel, we LOVE to Travel! We have taught and will teach our small business workshops in other parts of the country. So far we have taught social media and tech workshops in South West Florida, Northern California, Nevada, and Arizona.

Check out the Get Smart Web Workshop Calendar to see when our next social media workshop or webinar is. If you do not see a training scheduled that meets your needs, please contact us. We can customize topics and schedules for your next company workshop or training.

Our Workshops range in experience levels from Beginner to Intermediate and Intermediate to Advanced. Please click on the topics in the list below to see what will best suit your business needs.

Beginner to Intermediate

  • Get Smart Web Series | Business Blogging and Article Writing

    In this class you will learn how to increase your web presence by sharing your business, industry, and personal interests. This workshop will cover how blogging and article writing will help increase search engine optimization, supplement and improve current marketing efforts, establish expertise in your field, and build stronger relationships with your clients. Beginner to Intermediate.

  • Get Smart Web Series | Link Up on LinkedIn and Beyond

    In this class we will teach you how to build on established business connections and create new business building relationships by sharing your expertise on more than 30 business networks. You can build upon all of the hard work you have put into growing your business database by augmenting your in-person networking with a little online networking. Beginner to Intermediate.

  • Get Smart Web Series | Building Business on Facebook

    In this class we will take a step by step approach on how to establish a more personalized and interactive internet presence for you and your business on Facebook. You may already be on Facebook but are you getting any business out of it? We will show you how! In this workshop we will discuss segmenting your personal profile, building a targeted and interactive business page, Facebook groups, ads, tabs, and analytics. Beginner to Intermediate.

  • Get Smart Web Series | Twitter Your Way to More Business

    In this class we will instruct you on the art of doing business in 140 characters or less.Information is the currency of the world today and Twitter has become the new and improved “mini” Google, a discovery engine that allows for real time interaction, feedback, and conversation. Twitter can be used for marketing and advertising, customer service and support, brand exposure and monitoring, research and development, product and service launches, and much, much more. Beginner to Intermediate.

  • Get Smart Tech Series | Business You Have to See to Believe -The Video Revolution 

    In this class we discuss the ways that short, simple, and well targeted videos can increase your business’ bottom line. Are your marketing efforts just like everyone else’s? Stand out from the crowd, people remember 50% of what they see and hear, it is time they remembered you. Topics: Webcams, video cameras, video software, video emails, video blogging , video conferencing, screencasts, and video based / live streaming websites. Beginner to Intermediate.

  • Get Smart Tech Series | Google Tools

    Google resources are far reaching and unfortunately under utilized by most business owners. In this workshop we will discuss Google tools that can help companies do business smarter, faster, and on the go. We will be discussing gmail, Google apps for business, online presentations, communication, and group collaboration, we will also be looking at Google Voice, Google docs, Google Plus for individuals and brands, Google Reader, and much more.

  • Get Smart Tech Series | The Google Ad Plan

    If you have a web presence, pay per click Google Advertising Campaigns can be just as important as organic search engine optimization in driving traffic and getting qualified leads to your website and business. PPC is a great way to supplement the traffic that your site isn’t getting from organic search results. In this class we will walk you through getting setup on Google Adwords, research tools, techniques, and strategies, creating a campaign, creating ads, landing pages, and monitoring your efforts. Beginner to Intermediate

  • Get Smart Tech Series | Social Media Organization & Management

    You’ve signed up for every network, social, blogging, and business site you have ever been told about and still you see no results. In this workshop we will streamline and customize your marketing efforts, we will look at the best networks for your business and/or industry, help you setup a realistic schedule for your digital marketing efforts, and utilize the tech tools to manage it all. We look at tools to organize, schedule, automate, analyze, and report on all of your efforts. Beginner to Intermediate

  • Get Smart Tech Series | Creating the Marketing Plan

    You have learned the basics of using Blogging, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Video, Email, and Mobile Marketing platforms. Now it’s time to put together your plan for using interactive, community focused, digital marketing in your business. Participants will learn how to create and implement a comprehensive business model using all of the interrelated, interactive marketing tools and techniques from this series. This wrap-up workshop will help you “bring it all together” to ensure that your presence in digital marketing is efficient and effective we will discuss costs to outsource and keep in-house. Beginner to Intermediate

  • Get Smart Tech Series | Mobile Business

    There seems to be a new mobile gadget every time you turn around, so how do you choose? In this workshop we will look at  iPhones, Androids, Blackberry’s, Ipads, tablets, netbooks, and….. We will discuss what the differences are, basic functions of the varying brands, accessories, applications that are best for business, digital marketing, and personal use. We will look at carrier pricing plans, networking your mobile devices with home and/or office computers, and presentation tools. Beginner to Intermediate

Intermediate to Advanced

  • Get Smart Tech Series | Contact Management and Email Marketing

    In this class we will walk you through how to organize and systematize your networking and marketing efforts with some helpful tech tools. It is time to embrace technology. We will take you from getting the business card to closing the sale. Topics: Card scanners, Outlook and other CMS programs, email newsletters, adding multi-media and video to your newsletter, incorporating auto responders and opt-in forms online to increase subscribership. Intermediate.

  • Get Smart Tech Series | Smart Phones & Mobile Marketing

    In this class we will look at some of today’s mobile phones – specifically smart phones, carriers, how-to decide on the right phone and mobile plan. We will look at where mobile technology is heading. We will discuss how mobile phones fit into the marketing and media mix. We will look at some current and projected mobile applications that could be portals for mobile marketing. We will look at where the greatest creative potential can be for mobile-phone marketing and what businesses should do now to prepare for the future of mobile marketing. Intermediate

  • Get Smart Web Series | Business Blogging and Article Writing II

    In this class you will learn how to increase your web presence and search engine optimization by building keyword authority, researching and using trending topics to your advantages, as well as how to research competitor information. We will discuss backlinking strategies, inbound, outbound and reciprocal link building. We will look at analytics, research methods, and tech tools that will help you increase your SEO as well as quantify and qualify your internet marketing efforts. Intermediate to Advanced

  • Get Smart Web Series | Advanced Social Networking 

    This class is geared for those organizations and businesses that are ready to dive deeper into the top three social networking sites, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter by integrating industry specific networks, groups, and forums into your expanding web presence. We focus on engaging your targeted demographic in a more personalized and client focused manner. We look at who the influencers are in your industry and how to connect with them. We look at free and paid tech tools to help you achieve and reach your goals. We focus on how to cultivate and build an brand advocate driven viral marketing platform. Intermediate to Advanced.

  • Get Smart Web Series | Niche Social Networking and Advanced Content Syndication

    This class is geared for those organizations and businesses that are ready to branch out from the top three social networking sites, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter by integrating popular social networks into your expanding web presence. We will discuss networks like Digg, Reddit, Mixx, StumbleUpon, Propeller, Yahoo Buzz, Tip’d, Scribnia, Blogcatalog, MyBloglog, and many more We look at who the influencers are in these networks and how to connect with them. We discuss techniques and strategies to employ to gain popularity and bring traffic to your website. Intermediate to Advanced.

  • Get Smart Tech Series | Advanced Digital Media Applications

    In this class we will discuss video, image, and business presentation distribution and syndication channels. We will look at video editing software, take an in-depth look at webinar and live streaming sites, strategies, and how to tie these in with existing marketing campaigns. We will look closer at the video based networking sites and how to use their popularity, networks, and groups to increase your company’s online presence. Intermediate to Advanced

  • Get Smart Tech Series | Get Smart Marketing Boot Camp

    In this half day Marketing Boot Camp organizations, businesses, and professionals that have a growing web presence with a website, blog, social and business profiles will receive personalized instruction on fine tuning and optimizing that web presence. We will look at participant’s marketing campaigns to give feedback, guidance, strategy, and assistance to kick your internet marketing plan into high gear. This workshop is perfect for those who have started developing their internet marketing campaign but need a little guidance on branding, SEO, strategy, and building exposure.


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