spygal_stamp  WEEKLY EMAILS: As a Sherlock, you will receive weekly emails from the Get Smart Web Team, highlighting different things going on in social media, and how to pump up your digital marketing skills.

spyguy_stamp  ACCESS TO A PRIVATE, ONLINE GROUP: You will be a member of a private online group so that you can connect with, bounce ideas off, and mingle with other Get Smart Web Members.

spygal_stamp  SHORT, HELPFUL VIDEO: These quick, 30-60 second videos will inspire, give you how-to tips and tricks, and broaden your marketing horizon!

spyguy_stamp  BI-MONTHLY WEBINARS: Twice a month, you will have the opportunity to participate in a webinar hosted by Get Smart Web owner, Bridget Ayers. Through these, you will gain valuable knowledge, interact with other members, and have a better idea of how to “Get Smart” in your own business.

spygal_stamp  ACCESS TO CONTENT REPOSITORY: Many times, businesses don’t know what types of articles, photos, or information to post on social media. As a Sherlock, you will have access to an in-depth, populated repository of images and information to build a more robust digital marketing plan for your business.

spyguy_stamp  1-HOUR, ONE-ON-ONE COACHING WITH BRIDGET: Although online communication is great, in-person can be even better! Sherlocks get to meet with Bridget once a month and discuss their business’ digital marketing strategy, online presence, and learn how Bridget get things done.

spygal_stamp  UNLIMITED EMAIL QUESTIONS: We know you’ve got questions…and we’ve got answers! As a Sherlock, you are entitled to unlimited questions through email to the Get Smart Web Team.