spygal_stamp  WEEKLY EMAILS: As an Adler, you will receive weekly emails from the Get Smart Web Team, highlighting different things going on in social media, and how to pump up your digital marketing skills.

spyguy_stamp  ACCESS TO A PRIVATE GROUP: You will be a member of a private online group so that you can connect with, bounce ideas off, and mingle with other Get Smart Web Members.

spygal_stamp  SHORT, HELPFUL VIDEO: These quick, 30-60 second videos will inspire, give you how-to tips and tricks, and broaden your marketing horizon!

spyguy_stamp  1-HOUR LIVE WEBINAR WITH BRIDGET: Many times, people learn better visually. This is why Adlers will have the opportunity to interact live with Get Smart Web owner, Bridget Ayers! Absorb as much as you can in the 1-hour timeframe, and learn from this social media powerhouse!