We want to make you look smart and your customer feel smart.

Interactive Marketing Specialists

When business is more than just a sale, when it is focused on building long-term relationships it can thrive in any market.

Get Smart Web is a boutique creative marketing agency located in Carlsbad, California. we specialize in Web Presence and Digital Strategy Development. We help our clients create a comprehensive digital strategy and online presence to bring their businesses to a targeted audience.

At GSW we specialize in Web Presence and Digital Strategy Development. We help our clients create a comprehensive digital strategy and online presence to bring their businesses to a targeted audience.

We assist our clients with brand identity, technology integration, online networking and marketing, website and blog development, web traffic analysis, search engine promotion, social and business profiles, mobile marketing, email marketing, and content optimization. Through the use of digital tools and resources we cultivate a robust customer-focused, relationship-driven marketing platform for our clients.

This quote sums it up perfectly for Get Smart Web: “You can’t do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and be in business tomorrow.”

Get Smart Web, since its inception, has interacted and connected with millions of people online and gotten the brands they represent billions of web and social media impressions. Their most notable achievements over the last two years include over:

• 1 billion new social & business web connections
• 2 billion web impressions

• 4 million web interactions
• 1.7 million YouTube views

 Consulting Packages

Internet Presence Starter
This package is for those companies and individuals that do not have their business on the Internet, or have a website but after it was built never went there again. We will start you off slow with a basic blog, a couple of social networking accounts, instruction, and a plan. We will follow up with you after your setup to see how you are doing, give you feedback, and help you fine tune your Internet strategy.
Internet Presence Builder
Most websites are little more than an online brochure, in the builder package we will help you build upon where your website started. Based upon a personal and company profile analysis we will assist you with blog integration, strategic social networking accounts, article publishing sites, technology integration, as well as online and offline marketing strategies.
Internet Presence Coaching
After you are on your way we do not want to leave you out there adrift. The online world is wonderful because it is always growing, but that can also make it difficult to keep up. We offer monthly subscription services, as well as one on one and group coaching to keep you motivated, supported, and in the know.

 Management Packages

Community Management
The world of social media, SEM, SEO, web 2.0, blogging, and Internet presence domination can be grueling it requires consistency, creativity, and time. If there were just a few more hours in the day we know that you could do it all, but why would you want to? We have a team that will manage your social networks, build and maintain targeted relationships, create content, and monitor the results.
Corporate and Business Training
marketing consulting services
Things they are a changing and we are here to help the big boys catch up. We conduct training classes for corporate marketing and sales teams, as well as hold workshops for small and medium sized business owners. Our classes are split into beginner, intermediate, and expert social media topics. We teach businesses how to supplement offline marketing and sales initiatives with online social networking and community building. Lastly, we keep your sales teams educated, motivated, and accountable through monthly Internet presence coaching.

 Digital Marketing Services

Included in our Consulting & Management Packages

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