We had the pleasure of speaking at W.A.C.E., Western Association of Chamber Executives, for those that were able to attend, thank you. We were live streaming the talk and have it saved for those that wanted to see it again and for those that were unable to attend.

Scroll down below the videos to access our outline notes and resources.

Part 2 (after the crash)

WACE Outline notes (pdf) with list of tools: WACE Outline

SCACE notes (pdf) for 4 Hour Training: Chamber Training Booklet

Resources good for Chambers and their members:

The On-The-Go Consumer and Mobile Commerce 2011

Using Visitor Click Tracking for Better Web Content and Design

7 Ways to Use Yelp for Small Business Marketing

Getting More Yelp Reviews for Your Business

Events that Make the First Page of Google | Internet Marketing

Upcoming Chamber Workshop

Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce: Thursday’s February 24th – March 31st 9:30 am – 11:30 am

WACE attendees are welcome to join us for the first live stream for Free – (See the GSW Newsletter for Password)

February 24th 9:30 am – 11:30 am PST

Don’t settle for a good, or even a better website.  Learn what makes a GREAT website! | From Websites to Blogs

In this 2 hour class we will discuss how to convert more web visitors into customers by creating a great website experience for your visitors. We will look at web design, usability, functionality, and how to analyze analytical data to show what you are doing right, wrong, and/or could do better. You will learn how to further the reach of your website by sharing business, industry, and community targeted information through blogging. This workshop will show you how blogging and article writing will help increase search engine optimization, supplement and improve current marketing efforts, establish expertise in your field, and build stronger relationships with current and potential clients.

A blog is the central hub of your digital marketing campaign, all roads (Google Searches, Social Media interactions, and Email Communications) should lead to your keyword and content targeted website.

Full Series Description

All workshops include a handout or e-book, that will be sent to you after purchase