Welcome and thank you for purchasing our Webiste and Blogging webinar. You can access the webinar through our GSWLive page or our ustream chanel

The password is GSWliveACC711

You will need to download this e-book for the class GSW Biz Websites

The workshop will be broadcast on our site: http://gswconsulting.wpengine.com/gsw-live and on Ustream at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/build-a-better-mousetrap

Class Description:

Take your Website from a Passive Digital Brochure to an Interactive Client Magnet | Website and Blogs

In this 2 hour class we will discuss how to convert more web visitors into customers by creating a great website experience for your visitors. We will look at web design, usability, functionality, and how to analyze analytical data to show what you are doing right, wrong, and/or could do better. You will learn how to further the reach of your website by sharing business, industry, and community targeted information through blogging. This workshop will show you how blogging and article writing will help increase search engine optimization, supplement and improve current marketing efforts, establish expertise in your field, and build stronger relationships with current and potential clients.

A blog is the central hub of your digital marketing campaign, all roads (Google Searches, Social Media interactions, and Email Communications) should lead to your keyword and content targeted website


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