Research | Examine| Allocate | Develop | Integrate | Target

Research and development should be an ongoing part of your marketing. The biggest mistake businesses and organizations make is thinking they know.

In today’s big web world, there are so many factors that change how you communicate your message, besides demographical segmenting, web platform, viewing device, content longevity, and trending news there is the national and local economy, political climate, and so much more. Gone are the days when you could say I know how to get to and sell to my perfect customer.

Lucky for us, the web has made cyber stalking, customer research, easier. As digital marketers, we can not only see what people like and dislike we can see how they feel and what they share. If your message is going to get past your current customers, it must be powerful and shareable.

Research Tools | full web search | Trending topics

Buzzsumo | Trending content per network

Quora | Questions and answers

Google Keyword Planner | Popular search terms and phrases




Educate | Assist | Relate | Nurture | Innovate | Track

In marketing, you have to EARN IT.

When we look at earning it online, we look at content and communication. Our job is to make the customer feel smart, so we create content that is educational but in a snackable format that is fun.

Educate | Our job is to make the customer feel smart, so we create content that is educational but in a snackable format that is fun.

Assist | Digital marketing is less about marketing and more about customer engagement, in this fast paced digital world you need to be there to assist your customers wherever they are.

Relate | People want to know you can relate to their wants, needs, and ideas. If you are not authentic in your engagement they will know and you will lose them.

Nurture | Creating communities online is all about nurturing reciprocal relationships, are you giving as much as you are getting.

Innovate | Each day gives you a new opportunity to connect, the images, videos, and messaging you use should be unique and creative.

Track | If you don’t track it you can’t fix it. Smart marketing is fluid and malleable, as you connect with your target you need to know what works and what doesn’t so you can make the adjustments needed to close the sale.


Write | Optimize | Reciprocate | Keyword | Invest | Tally

To EARN IT you have to WORK IT.

Content isn’t everything; it is the only thing. We are in a fast-moving digital age, and your content needs to stand out in the blur of digital activity taking place. To create and execute great content you will need some tools to help you.

To create and execute great content you will need to focus on imagery and messaging as well some great tools to help you pull it all off.

Photography and Video are SO IMPORTANT, so much so that the image or video can make or break your messaging.

Focus on rich media!


Best Video Editing Apps?

I mentioned Power Director but here is a list of apps that you can check out

Best Photo Editing Apps?

The answer to this really depends on what you want to do with your image, do you want to add text, graphics, or enhance? There are so many tools that can help you do incredible things. Here is a list of some great apps:

How do you find Instagram hashtags?

How do you remember what Instagram hashtags to use?

Use a Google spreadsheet to catalog and organize your hashtags by topic category and location, this sheet will then be accessible from any device and you can just cut and paste them in.

When is it okay to use someone else’s image?

You can reshare a publicly posted image, you should not download it to your computer and then upload it as your own or upload it and then give credit, you should reshare from the original source so it links back to them.

Never sell something on some else’s reshared image.

Ask permission if you would like to use the image in any other fashion. Even when there isn’t a copyright symbol on an image it is not up for the taking.