Small and Medium businesses need a website that is affordable, scalable, and can be easily updated.

Most small business owners that have had a website built in the last 10 years have an html or in some cases flash website that is not owner or user  friendly. In order to change and/or add content, images, and links on the website the website owner must either learn website coding, contact a web developer, or pay a large sum of money to have a content management system built for them.

For small and some medium businesses we feel that websites built in WordPress fill needs that html sites cannot – WordPress websites are highly customizable, in aesthetics, usability, functionality, scalability – you can add shopping carts,  a membership area, forums, portfolios, etc. By creating sites in WordPress we make them affordable now and in the long term.

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Website Features and Objectives

When designing a website we look at the visitor demographic, target audience, client branding, budget, objectives, competition, industry leaders, long term goals as well as other individual factors. In the web design projects listed above we looked at some of these areas:

Website Design Components

  • Website with blog
  • Show personality
  • More personalization (images)
  • Highlight Client Sentiment
  • Less clutter (blocking)
  • Integrate blog for engagement
  • Organized Information Blocking
  • Connect Web Communities
  • Showcase featured products, new items, and event participation
  • Area for videos

Objective: Interactive Website with Personality

  • Clean website
  • Detailed Service Pages
  • Easy to Navigate
  • Live Chat for higher visitor conversion
  • Personalized with staff images and bios
  • Conversion forms – Email, Contact, Info, Newsletter
  • Highlights community ties and involvement. Links to social and business profiles for backlink and visitor growth
  • Integrated Blog for SEO, education, information sharing, and client engagement


  • Local businesses, large, medium, and small
  • Local and Global Community