Social Media Marketing and Engagement is an integral part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Social networking allows companies to strengthen existing relationships, build brand awareness, cultivate referral based business, digitally enhance customer support and service, and grow a targeted interactive web presence.

We design and implement strategies to optimize Social Media Marketing and Engagement for large, medium, and small companies. Here is what our Social Media Strategy services include:

Social Media Strategy

Pinpoint Client Goals We meet with each client to determine what the client hopes to achieve through Social Media Marketing. From brand identity to website traffic to online engagement, we listen to companies about what is important to them and gear our online efforts toward those goals.
Research Individual companies should receive individual treatment. Therefore, we get to know each client and their ideal customer through extensive research to understand the foundation of each business, its staff, its customers, and even its competition. Knowing who are clients are and what makes them special shapes our strategy development to ensure our plan is consistent with each brand and its values.
Develop a Strategy to Implement After researching our client, we develop a unique Social Media Strategy optimized toward achieving client goals.
Follow-up Client Consultation Once the strategy is designed, we follow-up with a client consultation to detail the Digital Marketing Strategy, explain how to implement it daily, and demonstrate how each part of the plan functions to work toward the client’s goals.

After the follow-­up consultation, clients can choose to implement the Social Media Strategy on their own, or clients can choose to have us manage the strategy for them through our Community Management Services.

Community Management

Community Management Services work beyond the development of the Social Media Strategy to implement daily web posting and interactions. Companies who utilize our Community Management Services receive individualized attention, daily social media strategy, content, and media posting, as well as constant communication as our staff implements your Social Media Strategy. At Get Smart Web we work to navigate the digital terrain and fine-tune companies’ social media efforts, all while listening and responding to feedback from the targeted online community of brand advocates and customers. Community Management Services include:


Research and Development for Each Client Social Media Posts Six Days a Week
Analysis of Social Media Strategy to Measure and Optimize Growth Monthly Reports to Monitor Engagement, Followers, Website Traffic, and more
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FACEBOOK - Visit Oceanside

Schedule posts and interact with targeted audiences
Comment and engage with followers

TWITTER - Liz Goodgold

Tweet and retweet regularly
Engage with current and potential followers

INSTAGRAM - Anaheim GardenWalk

Post visually-­engaging images that target a broad range of followers
Like and comment on posts by other users to encourage engagement


Create and manage boards that interest targeted audiences
Comment, like, and pin daily to increase visibility

GOOGLE+ - Activ8 Athleticism

Post and engage with other users
Monitor engagement to quantify and qualify effectiveness

LINKEDIN - Angel Printing Inc.

Build strong profiles to project a professional business presence
Target audiences with business-­related engagement and networking