Bridget Ayers

Bridget Ayers


Get Smart Web Consulting

Bridget Ayers is the Head Geek and Founder of Get Smart Web & Co-Creator of Get Smart WorkSpaces. Bridget spent 6 years in residential and construction financing, has owned her digital marketing company for over 8 years, and Get Smart WorkSpaces, a coworking business space, for 3 years.
Bridget has been a tech-obsessed, data-driven, innovation-seeking, behavior watching entrepreneur for 14 years.
Bridget focuses on fusing research guided analysis and creative content with results driven business objectives to generate dynamic interactive customer-centric marketing strategies.
Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes.
– Peter F. Drucker
Bridget has received top sales and production awards, training and speaking awards, writing and blogging accolades, as well as a nomination for Entrepreneur of the year from her local community.  Bridget was written up in WE Women’s Magazine as one of the top 100 women bloggers to watch in 2009.  Bridget is highly active online on more than 50 networks, forums, and communities. She writes about technology and digitally driven marketing tools, her content has been syndicated and published on hundreds of websites, article sites, and blogs. With speaking engagements and panel discussions scheduled all over the U.S., Bridget also regularly participates in web based tech and social media shows.

If you would like to contact Bridget Ayers you can tweet or Facebook her, or go the traditional route of emailing her at info@bigbrainteam.com.

The Get Smart Web Consulting Group, is a web presence and digital marketing strategy firm with offices in San Diego County California. With a background in business, finance, and marketing, Bridget consults, directs, and manages interactive marketing campaigns for businesses and organizations that are looking to reach and connect with a targeted audience.

Where can you find Bridget online? Everywhere, just Google her.